Well gang the store is live!  We just put a bunch of Aviation-Ranch gear in the store today.  Tumblers, Magnets, Koozie’s and more.  Check it out.  More items coming online soon! Continue Reading

This is a test of the Member Posting system. Currently we have several levels of member  A new member starts out as a Cow Poke.  Then once we verify that they are involved with ballooning in some way they are promoted to the group Ranch Hand.  When we know aContinue Reading

So I have made a few changes to the site. First thing was to get the menu link to the new Competition Video Tutorials out from under the Video Tutorials drop down since it was not showing on a small screen properly. The next item was to change the lastContinue Reading

We have been slowly getting new members and that is FANTASTIC.  Many have also signed up for the newsletter.  So I guess we will have to start writing them soon.Continue Reading

Well,  I am happy with the look. It took a full day of work to create all the “Photo Tiles” for the different shop categories and to create a product frame for the items in the shop but I am happy with the layout.  It looks clean and scales wellContinue Reading

Slowly but surely I am getting the store set up. I have created a product frame for the items in the store.  I have then used that frame to create category images as well as product images.  The frame is 800 px by 800 px.  This works good for theContinue Reading

We had our first purchase in the shop yesterday!  It was a FREE download but still it got me looking at the shop.  While we do not have products in the shop at this time we will!  So I need to take a look at the shops appearance and theContinue Reading

Again more NEW ADDITIONS to the Aviation-Ranch.com website.  I started by adding a new category to the postings pages for members.  This new category is “Swap Shop”  This is where members can post items they are looking for or have to sell or trade.  I stuck a few things inContinue Reading

So I have been working on the site all over.  I have created an “Errors” page where someone can report an error on the site.  If you scroll down to the bottom of any of the pages you will find the Report an Error button.  I have also been workingContinue Reading

This one took a few days to get right.  I have been working on weather apps for the site.  ON the front page there is a weather display that shows the current weather condigions for the Aviation-Ranch.  BUT..  under the Members menu link there is a page for Ranch Weather. Continue Reading