Laska is the name of the balloon.  I did not know what a Laska was other than a state. “Alaska”  I know.  Bad play on words.  So I looked it up.  There is  band named Laska and the meaning is “Deep Love” or it could be just a unicorn..Continue Reading

I was talking to a couple of pilots the other day and they use a drone to check the winds before their flight and they told me that two days in a row the drone kept them from making a horrible mistake. The first morning when the drone went up,Continue Reading

So, We have all had them. We have all had those inflation’s that we think our head is going to catch fire! Let’s examine how that happens and how we can avoid the situation. The first thing we need to do is explore a little bit of physics. We allContinue Reading

We now have an entire page devoted to balloon competition. If you have ever wondered what happens at a balloon competitive event there are several great videos that explain many of the competitive events that are run at a balloon competition. Keep checking back because we are adding more andContinue Reading

So I have made a few changes to the site. First thing was to get the menu link to the new Competition Video Tutorials out from under the Video Tutorials drop down since it was not showing on a small screen properly. The next item was to change the lastContinue Reading

We now have a new section in the Download area. If you mouse over the Download Menu link above you will see a link for Video Tutorials. There is a new Sub-category called “Competition Video Tutorials” On that page is the first of many to come about how some ofContinue Reading