Drone OBS

I was talking to a couple of pilots the other day and they use a drone to check the winds before their flight and they told me that two days in a row the drone kept them from making a horrible mistake. The first morning when the drone went up, it measured a low ceiling that was beginning to develop at about 400 foot and they chose to cancel because of the poor visibility and sure enough within about 30 minutes. It was completely overcast and falling to the surface of the Earth, so that was a good call. The second morning was a little more tricky as the drone went up at about 350 foot. The drone started giving off high wind warnings. The drone only gives off a high wind warning when the winds are 30 miles an hour so again they canceled the flight and that became a good call because within about 30 minutes those Highwinds aloft came down to the surface. So once again, there is good information to be gained by using a drone versus a small helium balloon when it comes to checking wins aloft. I don’t believe a helium balloon would give you the accuracy of the wind speed aloft as a drone does.

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