People always ask us, why we have the
Aviation Ranch and what our plan is?

When we purchased the property we wanted a place to launch from, in addition, a place that we could stay at while we were here.

A place to share with our fellow balloonists in the community. Aviation Ranch would be a place where people could tailgate without a problem. Cheese and crackers are available for the children and the wine and cheese would flow for the adult crowd.

The goal of bringing to the Cordele countryside the friendship and fellowship of Ballooning was never far from our heart.

In the beginning our purchase of the property had no concrete expectations. There seemed to be unlimited potential here, where our imagination could literally take flight from our very own backyard.

The remodeling of the house brings with it not just a place to stay for ourselves, but extra beds for friends and family as they travel through town. We also wanted a place to prepare food for those who are around our table.

The Aviation Ranch is a safe haven for balloonists and pilots so that there is always a place to land their aircraft and a place to rest their heads. As we started clearing the property, we started a cascade of events to include places to launch, places to camp, places to tether, and so much more.

A place to train new pilots, or for those who need to get current, and even those who wish to expand their horizons beginning at sunrise.

We hope you will continue to watch our growth, as we thrive within the Ballooning Community. It is through the love and friendship that each new person brings, to both our hearts as well as our table, that is the greatest contribution that we could ever ask for.

It is our desire that you look to the skies for your next adventure and remember us when you want to begin your very own

"Adventure in Aerostation".