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So I have made a few changes to the site. First thing was to get the menu link to the new Competition Video Tutorials out from under the Video Tutorials drop down since it was not showing on a small screen properly. The next item was to change the last paragraph on the Privacy Policy page to include a blurb about adding a head shot to your Bio to get promoted to a higher level membership. Then I went in and changed the default group that a new member is placed within. Before we had them being dropped into the Ranch Hand group and now they are placed into the Cow Poke group. If they have provided some biographical information or a head shot and background image that show their involvement in ballooning then their membership will be promoted to the Ranch Hand or Chuck Wagon group. Then as they participate on the site they will move up to the Cowboy group.

I have also over the last week placed 6 competition Training Videos on the new Competition Video Tutorials page.

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