Member Posting

This is a test of the Member Posting system.

Currently we have several levels of member  A new member starts out as a Cow Poke.  Then once we verify that they are involved with ballooning in some way they are promoted to the group Ranch Hand.  When we know a little more about them we will promote them to the Chuck Wagon group.  At this point they now have the privledges to post topics.

When a member (with the Chuck Wagon privledges or higer) log’s in and they go to the Members Posting page they will see a link that says “Create New Post”  Simply click on that link and you will be taken to a page where you can create a post of your choosing.

The “Status” of your post will be Pending Review.  This means that one of the Ranch Boss’s will have to approve your post.  Then you will find the Text Editior where you can type your post.  Once you have created your topic you then can choose the proper category for your post to be placed.  You may choose more than one categorey if your post or topic applies to more than one category.    You can add a featured image to your post.  Once this has all be accomplished you then can choose one of three selections at the bottom.  Save, Save & Return or Save & Preview.

Save will submit your post.

Save and return will allow you to save and begin another topic.

Save & Preview will allow you to submit your post and see how it will look when approved.

That is it!  You now have the ability to create topics for all the members to see.

Fly well, Have Fun, Be SAFE and POST AWAY!

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