More new stuff!

Again more NEW ADDITIONS to the website. 

I started by adding a new category to the postings pages for members.  This new category is “Swap Shop”  This is where members can post items they are looking for or have to sell or trade.  I stuck a few things in the category to get it started.

I then went down the list of categories and created new page tops for each posting category.  Our site layout allows a custom photo for the top of each page.  While this makes the site look fantastic as you browse around the place it does require a bunch of graphics work to find the right photos and then clip them into a common image size.  

While there is a search bar found on the right hand side bar on every page were you can go directly to any posting category you wish with a click or two, I also have gone down the list of categories on the News Page and inserted a link into each of the category titles so if you are browsing down the list and find a category you wish to know more about you can simply click on the title and be taken directly to that category.


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