Ranch Weather

This one took a few days to get right. 

I have been working on weather apps for the site.  ON the front page there is a weather display that shows the current weather condigions for the Aviation-Ranch.  BUT..  under the Members menu link there is a page for Ranch Weather.  When you go to this page you will see a paragraph at the top that explains that the weather tiles are only viewable for a logged in member.

One of the great features of the new weather tiles is the forecast section.  There is a great drop down menu on the forecast section that allows a member to see the hourly forecast for temp, WIND, Rain chances, pressure and humidity.  This can be extreemly helpful for planing flights in the future.  I have set up this forecast window to extend out 48 hours in advance.  There is also a weather tile lower down on the page that is set up for viewing on a phone rather than a larger screen like a desktop, laptop or large tablet.  I have also included coding that has a weather tile for the members location.  So if you are viewing this page from Tampa or Atlanta it will show you the conditions where you are currently located.  The page will ask permission to access your location.  You can deny this permission if you wish but the system will only use your location to get the weather for your location. 

So enjoy this new application and check it out and tell me if you have any glitches.

All the BEST.

The Old Guy

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