Fixing the Store

Slowly but surely I am getting the store set up.

I have created a product frame for the items in the store.  I have then used that frame to create category images as well as product images.  The frame is 800 px by 800 px.  This works good for the category image that appears at the top of the category page in the store.  This frame also works good for the actual product items in the store.  I have created a folder on my computer for the images.  They are in Aviation-Ranch\Images\Store Product Cats.  Since I am able to use the same frame for both the category image and the product image I have used the tag -item for the actual store items.  I have labeled the image for the category with the category name and no tag.  All these images are saved in the same folder.

As these images are uploaded the feel and look of the store is becoming very nice.  Creating separate images for each category and each product will take quite a bit of effort but the end result will be a very sharp looking store.  As of this moment we do not have a bank account set up for the processor online but the processor has been installed and is ready to be linked to an account.  At that point we will be able to actually place items for sale in the store.

More Soon.

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