Maps are working!

One of the hardest things to accomplish is getting the maps to work.  We actually have two map programs on this site. 

The first is the map on the Contact US page.  This map shows the Aviation-Ranch with a directions portal below the map.  The way this works is you can type in any address (in the country) you wish in the “From” box and then simply type Aviation Ranch in the “To” box and POOF,  you have directions step by step with mileage and roads.  It will also tell you the time it will take to make the trip!

The Second map program we have on the site is on the Events Calendar.  This map will show the location of any event posted on the calendar.  This is great for the members of the site so they can find out about ballooning events that they may not know about and where they are.  This map appears at the bottom of the event details.

Setting up these maps required several different API services for each.  I am happy to say that they are both set up and running.


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