Chasing Bugs

As with any new site there are BUGS that pop up.  I have a page where you can add a new event to the calendar.  This page is available from a link on the front side of the site.  I have set it up so that a member of the site can use it when they are logged in.  The BUG I have found is that a program that I use for page layouts and backgrounds is messing up the posting editor.

When the program is turned on the icons on the Editor do not work  When I turn off the program all of the page layouts loose the nice layouts that I created with the page program.

So I have to figure out how to fix that bug.

Another bug is that the site is not sending emails.  Currently the only issue I have with that is that the “Lost Password” module will not work if the site can not send email.  So I will have to look into the SMPT settings for the sites email server.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs.

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