Map API’s

Man what a pain in the butt.  We have two google map programs on the site.  One of them is a stand alone that allows us to place a map in different places on the site that allows a user to plug in the address from where they are and get directions to the Aviation Ranch.  This one is working and the API setup was fairly simple.  The other map program we have is associated with the online calendar.  We can post events on the calendar with a location and the event will have a map.  Great for events that are not at the ranch.  But this google program needs to have several API’s activated and then the code must be restricted to calls from only the site or others could hack into it.  Each change to the program takes 30 minutes to propagate the system so fixing things takes forever if something does not work.  Plus if you do fix an issue you must post a new event since the system will not grandfather the old events.  So I am still working on that one.


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