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How To video tutorials

Email on your phone

Do you have an Aviation-Ranch.com email?  Want to get one?  Yourname@Aviation-Ranch.com.  Simple to set up on your phone or tablet.  Take a moment to watch this wonderful video on how to set up the email account.  Then send a note to the webmaster and let them know what your email name and password should be.  We will set it up for you!

Get the AR Calendar on your phone!

You can now have all the information available on the Aviation Ranch calendar in you pocket on your phone!  It takes less than two minutes to subscribe to the AR Calendar but the instant updates happen in just minutes.  Always know what is going on with the Aviation Ranch calendar and have event details, contact information, emails and more at your fingertips on your phone.  Watch this video and subscribe to the calendar today!

Aviation-Ranch Video Tutorials

Chasing Pi-Bal's

How fast does a PiBal climb?  How far can you see it?  How far can you see it in the dark with a light in it?  We did a test with a 12" PiBal at night with a light in it and then another during the daytime to see just how far we could watch one.  The results may suprise you!  Have a watch of this informative video called "Chasing PiBal's