Pibal by Drone

Learn how to read the winds with a drone. This 88 page PDF talks about everything you would want to know on how to read the winds with a drone.  This presentation includes what Apps you will need, Lights, Size and Cost comparisons as well as a discount code for Balloonist's to get a discount on your online membership to Air Data the people who interpret the drone information into a readable winds aloft format.  Learn how to get your FAA part 107 rating how to properly register your drone, Altitude requirements and more.  Members can download this for FREE.

The HotAir.app

This tutorial covers almost everything you would want to know about the HotAir.app.  This fantastic tool allows you to keep flight records including Balloon Flown, Crew, Conditions, Flight time, Flight Distance and so much more.  This 108 page tutorial is recommended by the developer Shawn Gano and is provided "FREE of CHARGE" by the Aviation-Ranch.com  This PDF includes a quick reference index that allows you to quickly jump to the section you want to find.  Filled with little jewels that will help you get the most out of flying with this amazing application.  Download TODAY!



While this is not a complete training syllabus it is a GREAT START.  If you have a student or plan on training one these first three lessons will give you a great start to training them.  Created from actual flights with students these are real world examples of flight training!

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