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    The form on this page will provide us with all the information needed to add all sorts of items to the store.  Just about every question we would ask is incorporated into this form.  Everything from Sizes and inventory to colors and shipping.  It is all here.  This form is an intuitive form.  As you answer questions it may ask more questions.  For example, when you select a size for an item the form will instantly open a box for you to place the quantity of that item.  When selecting the color of an item and you check "Other" a box will open and ask "What other color?"  So as you use the form you will find that just about every question that we need to know has a place to be entered in this form.  Just in case there is something we missed, the first thing you are asked to enter is your name and email.  This way if we do have a question we know exactly who to ask.  If we have missed something please let us know so we can alter the form to suit.  Send questions and comments to